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Understated & Uncommon Bridalwear


Our bride is a conscientious, sagacious and slightly rebellious person in love, desperately seeking something more understated and uncommon than what 'big bridal' has to offer.    


Her wedding will be filled with fun, laughter, non traditional timelines, events and very likely in a less obvious venue such as a finca abroad, a bothy up north, the family farm or a chic city restaurant.

Just like her style, she prefers an unfussy and uncomplicated approach to bridal and wedding planning in general. And that's why Unbridaled was born!

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If that sounds like you then...

Show me what ya got!

Simply put, we have the best selection of plain and plain-ish gowns in Scotland, curated specifically with our 'unbasic' bride in mind!  Understated and uncommon -  its an all killer, no filler line up. Mostly priced between £1500 & £3000 with a few outliers on either side.

 If your tastes are sparkly, lavish or ornate we probably aren't the shop for you.  

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Currently offline, please come back later.

Any more questions?  Check out or FAQ's here for just about everything else!

I'm ready to say yes to the dress!

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So glad I found you but I'm not quite ready to book yet, please keep me updated with new designers, sales or events!

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