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Good condition, slightly dusty around hem, separate lining skirt slip included.


Can still be ordered new at original price but as now in clearence the style could be sold off at any time.  Size 10.


This dress is immediately associated with a ravishing woman walking confidently down the stairs of some luxurious suburban mansion. The perfect lines of the matt fabric envelop her slender figure sliding down and forming the long train that resembles waves lapping gently against the tired shore. This gown is the epitome of pure aristocratism and impeccable taste. The understated elegance of embroidery is similar to the masterly strokes of a gifted artist. The alluringly cut back brings in the notes of passion and sensitivity. This gown flatters every curve of the figure and celebrates the power of feminine beauty.


In order for the dress to safelty arrive with sufficient time for us to clear customs, quality check it, give you ample time to collect and do any necessary alterations, the minimum order time is 8 months. 


£1,550.00 Regular Price
£550.00Sale Price
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