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House of an Art Lover - Allison and Mike

Tell us when and where your wedding day was?

It was the 13th of August, 2021 at the House of an Art Lover

Tell us who did your hair and make up?

Emma Ross done our hair and Louise Hamill done our make up.

What about your gorgeous catering?

It was actually the House for an Art Lover who did. Little Cake Parlour made our cake as well.

We have to know if you were to give a gold star who it would go to?

Absolutely, Wild Flower Workshop. The Flowers! We were blown away by what Barbara created. Mike told me it was literally 'me in a bouquet'

What was the worst bit of the day?

Definitely, it being over!

What made you originally book with Unbridaled?

I really loved how the dresses weren't so traditional. They of course are still very bridal and glamorous but they felt really unique too.

What did finding 'the one' feel like for you?

I was quite nervous but I was made to feel right at ease. When I put on my dress it honestly just felt like me. I didn't want to take it off, I also couldn't stop thinking about it when I had it. Although, I must admit I originally thought I would go with something very lacy/bohemian style but the dress I ended up with was miles apart from that, I still couldn't of been happier with it.

If you could offer one piece of advice to brides planning their wedding now...

Don’t get caught up in overthinking things - trust your instincts.

Beautiful photos from Ross Alexander Photography.


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