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As a subsidiary of the Pollardi Fashion Group, Liretta presents the wedding dresses for brides with a non-stereotypical frame of mind. These dresses are made for freedom-loving, self-aware, self-confident women, who first of all want to be themselves and not an accessory for a wedding dress. 


Dresses that emphasise the individuality and beauty of any bride, but not overshadow her with puffy skirts and an abundance of decor. This is the embodiment of laconicism and elegance.

The dresses from Liretta have no bulky corsets, long trains or excessive decor. The main value for the bride is it is just her and her genuine feelings, not the facade of a big dress.


  • Exclusive to Unbridaled in Scotland

  • 8 months minimum from order to wedding date

  • Made to order in standard sizing

  • Customisation possible with fee

  • Prices are subject to change 

  • Samples are sold off regularly so if you like what you see book online now to avoid disappointment!

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