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Cool & Classic

Our hand picked 'timeless with a twist' gowns.  Perfect for the bride who wants to verge on the side of classic but still feel unique and anything but boring!  Think fitted and A-line silhouettes but in an interesting fabric or perhaps a cheeky leg split to keep it feeling young and fresh.  These gowns tend to be more structured and supportive of curves and fuller busts.

While we try our best to keep the website up to date, our lineup in store can change or be discontinued at any time without notice.  If you see something you like, we recommend visiting asap and noting it on your booking form so we can try avoid things like it being away for cleaning or a shoot when you were hoping to try it on.  


Prices can also increase at anytime.  Remember, different countries, different prices, anything you see on a US site, for example, is subject to 32% import tax & VAT plus shipping.  


We believe there is not enough transparency in the bridal industry when it comes to price, as if some shops want to hide that info until after you fall in love.  We would not publish these for all to see if we were overcharging and take great pride in empowering you with this information up front to help guide you.

You should aim to have around 1-3 gowns you are interested in trying on and leave the rest to trusting the process in store as we go on a journey of discovery.  In reality some gowns won't live up to your expectations from the photos and others that could even be the one, would never have got a look in based on a picture alone.

Sample sizes translate differently across brands and UK highstreet, so take them with a pinch of salt.  You can usually get a good idea if you love a dress from trying a sample 1-3 sizes bigger OR smaller than what you are.

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